Challengers is a local charity, dedicated to providing inclusive play, leisure and early educational opportunities for disabled children and young people. Our schemes ensure that every child, regardless of the complexity of their needs, will always have somewhere to go to have fun, make friends and challenge their impairments. We are truly grateful to The Wisley Foundation for supporting our Guildford Pre-school to provide inclusive early education opportunities for both disabled and non-disabled children. What makes our Pre-school unique is our commitment to being fully inclusive, ensuring that no child, regardless of their impairments, will ever be excluded from essential opportunities to reach their potential. During the pandemic, we were able to continue to deliver our vital Pre-school service in Guildford to support children of key workers and as well as vulnerable children. We have also been able to provide ongoing online virtual support to families while they are at home. Thank you to all of the members of The Wisley Foundation for your incredibly generous support!