The Foundation

The Wisley Foundation has been created to treat the Club’s charitable activities on a professional basis. For detailed information please refer to the Wisley Foundation Trust Deed approved by the Charity Commission and available from either the Wisley Golf Club or the Charity Commission website.

Instigated as a charitable trust the Foundations objectives are:

  1. To act as a conduit whereby charitable funds raised by Club activity and member donations can be allocated to local charities on a considered basis.
  2. The Foundations primary focus is to support small, local charities located in Surrey and surrounding counties whose work is to help and support all age groups in the Community who are in need. The Foundation seeks to work with charities on a specific project basis rather than general gift giving. The Foundation wishes to be associated with measurable activity which can be reported back to Club members. Smaller charities whereby the Foundation’s contribution can make a significant difference will be favoured over larger organisations.
  3. The Foundation will operate a conservative financial policy. Borrowing and speculative investment will not be permitted. Funds will only be committed on an annual basis based on funds” in hand” with provision having been made for any operating costs.
  4. The Wisley Golf Club has generously agreed to provide secretarial support and financial management on a pro bono basis.
  5. The Wisley Foundation is registered with and governed by the Charity Commission.

Registered Charity Number: 1127848

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