Mid Surrey Community Fridges


We believe that no food should go to waste and that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. Our award-winning team works tirelessly 5 days a week to rescue good, surplus food that would otherwise go to landfill and to bring it to our community.

We collect from local supermarkets and stores, and we take deliveries of food from FareShare and Tesco.com daily and redistribute via our Static Fridge sites and our Mobile Fridge Service which takes food to outlying villages and communities.

When the pandemic hit, we went from dealing with 2 tonnes to 10 tonnes per week as food supply chains reacted to the emergency. We quickly turned into a referral service, delivering food bags to doorsteps, only quite recently returning to our original distribution model.

We have been moved to tears many times by the stories of hardship, difficulties and the situations people find themselves in, highlighting the surprising level of need in our area. We have been staggered by the compassion and commitment of our fantastic, giving volunteers. We have also learnt about the shocking level of food waste in the UK, estimated at 13 million tonnes each year. We work hard to signpost people to the additional help that they may need and we love that we are able to offer that support as well as a bag of good food. In fact, 93% of our visitors said recently that they are closer to their communities as a result.