Oakleaf Enterprise is a local, Guildford-based charity providing work-related training, counselling & wellbeing support for adults experiencing any mental illness. Our clients are vulnerable, suffering crippling social isolation, loss of confidence & self-esteem, unemployment, physical ill-health & poverty in addition to mental ill-health conditions such as depression, bi-polar, anxiety and schizophrenia. We address each need, supporting clients to move towards a more positive future, reintegrate within the community & return to work whenever possible. In response to lockdown we have had to close our face-to-face work. From Monday 23rd March we have focused firmly on adapting our wellbeing services to meet the high need for support. Most clients are isolated, without family & already coping with mental ill-health. Loneliness is a constant feature of mental ill-health & we are deeply concerned about many of clients. The Wisley Foundation has made a significant donation to help Oakleaf, which we appreciate hugely. Knowing the toll that isolation is having not only on existing clients but across the country, we recognise that Oakleaf’s work will be needed more than ever as we begin to move forward from this crisis.